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Making Vector Masks

Truthfully the following tutorial seemed silly to have to make but it was requested so here it is.
Step 1
Open a new document in photoshop. You can leave it as the background layer if you want. You will need to make your document either 350x467 or 400x533 depending on your own preferences. I personally prefer for a little overhang when I'm using a vector mask rather than having to be precise when using them.
Step 2
Get your pen tool. You will need the following settings applied.
Now just use your pen tool to make random curves and lines. Make your starting point outside of your canvas. Remember to drag your pen tool to make curves and hold alt+click the anchor point to turn off the bezier handle when needed. This helps you go from curved back to straight lines. When you finish whatever shapes you want loop around the outside of your canvas and connect to your first point.
Step 3
Right click and select fill path from the menu.
Choose color from the USE drop down menu. Make black the color you'll be using. Click ok.
Then hit enter to dismiss your path. You're finished.